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     Volunteer to Transcribe

Thank you for interest, and for wanting to help! To volunteer, simply click , which will open your email program. If that link does not open your mail program, type the email address in the image: .You can then tell me which area you want to work on, which will be posted on this page to avoid duplication. Once I have received this, and replied to you, you can download the blank template , and start transcribing. In some cases you may find it helpful to use Automated Genealogy to see the 1911 transcriptions. A lot of the families are the same, so it will help you decipher the poor penmanship... Or you can check NSVHS for birth/marriage/death records. You will also need the link to the images at Ancestry. You do not have to join Ancestry to view the images, and it is free if you are in Canada. For elsewhere in the world, you will need a subscription. Once you click on the "Start Browsing" button, the sign up form will be shown, if you have not already signed up. I am working on getting all the index pages ready with all the sub-districts for each county in place. I have several counties ready now, and you can tell by clicking on the county on the census map. If 1921 is available, then I have done it.

Why are we doing this? Ancestry.ca has provided the images for FREE for a period of three (3) years. But, you can only view the images if you live in Canada, or if you have a World Deluxe Subscription. Ancestry is indexing all the images, which apparently will be available at some point, but their efforts leave a lot to be desired. The quality of the index is usually not the best, because of where it was transcribed, and Ancestry relies on their users to make corrections. Our indexing is done by folks just like you that are familiar with the people and the names associated with them in the Province. The indexes are proofread as well to catch as many errors as possible. The most important thing is that our index is freely accessible from anywhere in the world, simply by becoming a member of this site.

Cape Breton County is now being transcribed by Robert W.MacPhail.
Northfield district and County Asylum, Indian Reserve, Chester Asylum in Lunenburg County is being transcribed by Bill Bruhm.
Springhill, Cumberland County is being transcribed by Vickie Reid.
#48 - East LaHave – Dayspring to  Riverport to Centre, Lunenburg County is being transcribed by Jeff Parks.
David Townsend is working on Broad Cove Cherry Hill in Lunenburg County.
Bev Sumpter is working on Upper Londonderry (Glenholme...formerly Folly Village) and include area of East Mines, Great Village and further down the shore as far as Five Islands, all in Colchester County. Sub Districts 25 - 32 and 34 and 35. Upper Londonderry is complete.
Bill Bruhm is working on 58-Dayspring, Pine Grove, Cookville, Oakhill, Lunenburg County.
Nelson Poole is working on Inverness County.
Liz MacEachern is working on the Sydney area, Whitney Pier, North End of Sydney and possibly Grand Mira area of Cape Breton.
Bob is doing Earltown and Truro areas of Colchester County.
John deRoche is transcribing Feltzen South, Lunenburg County. Now completed, proofreading being done. Now starting Subd. 53 (South & Indian Path).
Alice Frauzell is working on the Chelsea/New Elm area.
Trudy MacDonald is working on the New Ross Road / Coldbrook area of Kings County.
Sonya Moxsom is doing the areas of Hortonville, Avonport, Grand Pre, Melanson, Gaspereaux, North Grand Pre, etc. in Kings County.

Halifax County is now complete!
Queens County is now complete!
Hants County is now complete!
Annapolis County is now complete!

Please transcribe the district into one complete spreadsheet page. Please make sure the surname column is complete filled in, with no blanks like the image. This is required for the search engine to find the names. Also, use "Widowed" for the "W" marital status, and all enumerators make the mistake of calling people from Scotland "Scotch". This should be "Scottish". Transcribe all of each area into one template and save it with the name of the place. People are having problems entering ages when the age is less than 1, for example 2/12. Excel automatically converts the input to a date, which we do not want. The solution for this is to type an apostrophe first, then the 2/12. Below is a sample image of what the finished transcription should look like. You can click on the image to download the template as well.

Transcription Sample